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Some of our Japanese indigo and rust fabrics, many are textured Japanese cottons
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With our extensive collection of Japanese indigo and rust fabrics being photographed, we will be adding them to our website for sometime. Watch for more.

l  Indigo is not all the same even when you can
     touch it, but online this is even more true.
     From one screen to the next, colour is not the
     same on computers - You can ring to discuss
     the colour if it must be an exact match.

l  The Buy Now button is not live yet so if you
     need anything please ring us - Our number is
     at the top of every page.

l  Check out these quilts made with indigo
DAK-24 Ikat $33.95m
DAK-26 Ikat $33.95m
Pearl Set $49.95
Some of our indigo fabrics - you will be spoilt for choice
Sevenberry $29.95
Have fun finding just the right threads and fabrics for your own collection of indigo and Japanese tools
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